Sunday, November 4, 2007

Top 5 MMA Pound for Pound Rankings

5. BJ Penn- Although the Prodigy hasn't fought in a while he still retains the fifth spot on this list. When I think of an all around P4P fighter, BJ always comes to mind. He just has incredible ability to dominate his opponents and something all great fighters need, the ability to relax when you get in a difficult position. If he wants to do it he could hold more than one belt.

4. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto- Yamamoto has long been a stable on many P4P rankings. His only loss was due to a cut. Before a decision victory over Bibiano Fernandes in September, Yamamoto had won 7 straight fights by TKO/KO. He is known as a devastating striker, but also has the ability to submit his opponents. As Im writing this I realize I have not posted any of his fights, well look for some soon. Ill try to get the Japanese superfight against Genki Sudo on here soon. "Kid" is someone every MMA fan should get familar with.

3. Anderson Silva- The Spider has completely taken over the UFC middleweight division, in the process of becoming a superstar here in the United States. This guy can do it all and do it all extremely well. With amazing punching power that comes out of nowhere and unbelievable ground skills Silva is on a serious roll. He is fast and accurate with his punches and completely overwelming in the clinch. Silva will indeed dominate the Middleweight division for a long time.

2. Quinton Jackson- Rampage is Rampage again and the only thing that can knock him off is if he has to fight Wanderlei again and can't figure out how to beat his longtime nemesis. He has rededicated himself and he showed what shape he was in when he beat one of the best fighters in the world, Dan Henderson. Quinton has dynamite in his hands and amazing upper body strength. Ever since coming to the UFC he has improved tremendously in every aspect of the game. Jackson beats out Anderson for the second spot because I believe his competition has been a little tougher than Silva's. Taking nothing away from Rich Franklin but he's not Dan Henderson.

1. Fedor Emelianenko- The main reason Fedor remains number one in my eyes is because when you see other fighters interviews and they are asked who they think is number one the answer is always the same. He hasn't fought since the middle of April, but thats not enough reason for me to bump him down the list. Call me a Fedor nuthugger if you want, but you can't argue with his skills and track record. The Russian Experiment can out wrestle most guys in the world, out submit most guys and can strike with anyone. His ground and pound is better than anyone and he is probably the smartest fighter that thinks on his feet. His striking is unorthodox but it certainly works for him, and the speed of his punches is astounding for a heavyweight. If anyone can beat him, they have to get past the mystique first, most of his opponents are beaten before they step in the ring. It can't be comforting for a fighter to look across the ring and see a Emelianenko's stone cold no worries facial expression.

Just Missed- Georges St. Pierre, Paulo Filho, Randy Couture, Gilbert Melendez, Takanori Gomi, Sean Sherk, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, Frank Shamrock, Shinya Aoki, Hayato Sakurai, Matt Hughes.

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