Monday, November 5, 2007

Top 10 MMA Dream Matches- Sequels

Yesterday I wrote the top 10 mma dream matches with no sequels, today its all about the second, third or fourth matches between fighters who already fought each other.

10. Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Crocop 2- The first fight between these was our Ali-Frazier as far as MMA goes. Although Crocop has lost 2 back to back fights in the UFC, many fans would love to see this rematch.

9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Mirko Crocop 2- The first fight is one of my favorite fights of all-time. Crocop was destroying Nog through the whole first round, landing numorous kicks and punches and stuffing every takedown attempt. Then as the second round started Nog shot in, got the takedown and secured the armbar. Would Crocop be able to finish him this time?

8. Forrest Griffin vs Mauricio Shogun Rua 2- The big question would be, would the real Shogun show up. For whatever reasons in the first fight Shogun did not look like himself, most notably gassing, when he is known for tremendous cardio. Forrest is a tough SOB and a second fight would be a war.

7. Wanderlei Silva vs Ricardo Arona 3- The ultimate grudge match, these 2 guys hate each other. Wanderlei no doubt is itching to get back in the ring with Arona after Arona yelled in his face after the last fight. Both fights were closely fought decisions and a third fight would be a rubber match for the ages.

6. Matt Hughes vs BJ Penn 3- How can fans not clamour for a third fight between these 2, the first 2 fights are classics. No doubt these 2 guys have amazing MMA skills and when they get in the cage together it will always be an entertaining bout.

5. Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi 2- The first fight is an amazing fight with a killer ending. Diaz tested positive for weed after the fight, which had nothing to do with his medifast coupons, so his victory is somewhat tainted, so they need to get back in there and bang it out again.

4. Fedor Emelianenko vs Ricardo Arona 2- The first fight is widely considered to be a very controversial decision which Fedor won. After the fight was over you can see the disbelief on Arona's face. Whatever you think of the first decision, a second fight would answer all the questions.

3. Randy Couture vs Josh Barnett 2- In the first fight, Couture was controlling the fight until he made a crucial mistake and Barnett finished him. These 2 guys are as tough as they come and another fight would no doubt be an entertaining affair.

2. Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan 2- Was the flying scissor heel hook a fluke submision? Anderson looks unstoppable right now and this would be a chance to avenge one of the more amazing losses I've evr seen in MMA. A second fight would probably see Anderson dominate.

1. Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Rampage Jackson 3- The first 2 fights are Pride classics that I would show anyone looking to get into Mixed Martial Arts. These 2 have a long history of hating each other, remember the infamous "My Belt" incident. The main question would be, can Quinton overcome the mental aspect of being finished in devastating fashion both fights. Can Rampage avoid the knees of the Muay Thai legend? I really hope this fight happens, I would never be more excited to see a fight.


Aaron C. said...

Great list. I'm not particulary fond of rematches but the one I really want to see is Gomi vs. Diaz 2. Would love to see Gomi knock the shit out of overrated Diaz.

Fedor vs. Arona 2 might be interesting. Arona's a master of positioning and controling from on top but keep in mind that the match was fought under RINGS rules(No strikes to a downed opponent allowed) so basically, Fedor was without his strongest weapon, the Ground and Pound. If fought in full MMA rules, I'm pretty sure Fedor would still win but in a more convincing fashion.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised you didn't put Matt Serra vs GSP on there. I want to see that match more than any other. And Karo vs Sanchez, their first fight was a war.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, Serra GSP is on that list for me. I hope Serra beats Hughes and we get the rematch. Good list though.

Anonymous said...

GSP VS BJ Penn (oooooh yeah!)

fred said...

I like to see Fedor and Couture just to shut Dana White up saying Fedor is not even in his top 5. That's why he tried so hard to get him and couldn't!

Anonymous said...

bj penn vs. gsp 2!!!!!!!!!

bj won that fight. gsp had some last minute takedowns but thats about it. it was a close fight but bj won that one. just look at their faces. gsp was literally beat up. he had to spend the night at a hospital from penn's beating.

this rematch chould be even more entertaining than ever since both are apparently more improved and dedicated.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why isn't Gilbert (Hurricane) Yvel on the list. He is one of the most spectulair fighters in the world and he is a perfect shape.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why Gilbert Hurricane Yvel is not fighting against Fedor. Gilbert is the best

Anonymous said...

Tell me why Gilbert Hurricane Yvel is not fighting against Fedor. Gilbert is the best

snakerattle79 said...

my dream Matches would be
-spider Silva vs frank Shamrock
-Fedor vs Randy-
-Fedor vs Liddell
-Kharitonov vs Arlovski
-Penn vs Aoki
-Calvacante vs Penn
-Slice vs Lesnar
-Manhoef vs Liddell
-Slice vs Vera
-Lesnar vs Antonio Silva

Anonymous said...

Gilbert Hurricane Yvel got beat by Minowa, enough said

Anonymous said...







Fitch/Koscheck 2




Chris said...

You forgot to mention that Barnett tested positive for steroids after the fight against Couture and does not have record of the win. Randy does still have the loss on his record though.

Anonymous said...

Dream matches... Fighters need to deserve the fights. Fedor vs crocop 2, inded would be interesting, Fedor would probably win, but Crocop has a decent chance. He does not deserve a fight with Fedor, Fedor is the best. However dangerous, Crocop has major weaknesses in his ground game thus is barely in the top 10. Crocop is nowhere as good of a fighter so should not get a chance to win.
I would like to see
Randy Couture vs Jeff Monson
Randy Couture vs Josh Barnett
Randy Couture vs Nogueria
Tim Sylvia vs Hong Man Choi
Jeff Monson vs Fujita 2
Tim Sylvia vs Alexander Emelianenko
Forrest Griffin vs Wanderlei Silva
Chuck Liddell vs Shogun
machida vs Shogun
shinya aoki vs joe stevenson
tatsuya kawajiri vs bj penn

Perry said...

-Lesnar vs Kimbo Slice

-Liddell vs Kimbo Slice

-GSP vs Anderson Silva

-Jackson vs Silva 3

-Fedor vs Coture

-Penn vs A.Silva

-Jackson vs A,Silva

-Loyoto Machida vs whoever can knock his ass out.

Bart B said...

I'm surprised that GSP wasn't on the list too. He's so athletic, when he brings his game the fighting is red hot and fast.

I like the fights people put up where you know one guy is going to just be freakin assassinated. I don't like Kimbo, so I'd love him to get a brutal KO or even a solid rear naked choke.

Also, I'd like to see some second tier fights too. Notably, I think judo guys like Karo Parisyan are pretty exciting to watch when they can get off their moves, but most top dogs are good at shutting them down.

Anonymous said...

the one dream match i want to see is bj penn vs GSP 2 the first fight was a good fight bj lost by a small margin just think how much better he will do now that it seems he actually trains the way all the other champs do with a desire to be the best with no what ifs

Anonymous said...

Kimbo Slice vs a legitimate fighter
Liddell vs Fedor
Coutour vs Fedor
Arlovski vs Fedor
Rampage vs a fifth of Jack
BJ Penn vs Fabre

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Rampage Vs. 5th of jack

Anonymous said...

can not wait for # 1

Anonymous said...

good list, however saying that Nick Diaz' victory over gomi is tainted by his toking on the magic oregano is a bit of a misnomer. On the contrary, his victory should be elevated. Alls i know is when i get high i be like wantin to get some chicken wings, maybe some hot sauce and potatoe chips if i can make it to the store, then watch a bit of southpark. I think to go to the ring and beat Gomi like he did, credence man. the brother was high, give a muthafuka some credence.